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Question Spouse/Divorced Spouse Annuities
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Spouse/Divorced Spouse Annuities

RB-30 (4-16)

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This is important information regarding your spouse or divorced spouse annuity under the Railroad Retirement Act (RRA). We recommend that you read this booklet before you file your application. It explains the requirements you must meet to qualify for a spouse or divorced spouse annuity.
The employee must file a separate application to qualify for an employee annuity before you can be paid a spouse or divorced spouse annuity on the employee's earnings record. However, in certain cases, a divorced spouse can be paid an annuity if the employee is eligible and not receiving an annuity, and both the employee and divorced spouse are at least age 62 for a full month. Booklet RB-1, Age and Service Employee Annuity, explains the employee application and entitlement requirements. In order to receive a spouse or divorced spouse annuity, you must fi le an application and meet the requirements, as explained in Part I and Part II of this booklet.
Part VII of this booklet explains what will happen after you file your application and includes information about how and when you will receive your monthly payments.
Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) representatives will be happy to discuss and explain the information included in this booklet. Contact your local Field Office or call 877-772-5772. When contacting the RRB by telephone or mail, always provide your RRB claim number, your name, and your daytime telephone number.
Your railroad retirement annuity is affected by certain events that may occur. A description of these events and an explanation of how you should report them are covered in the Booklet RB-9, Employee and Spouse Annuities - Events That Must Be Reported. Because these events can take place any time after you receive your annuity payments, you should keep the RB-9 booklet for future reference.

Furnishing Evidence to Support Your Claim  - RB-3 (11-08)pdf icon RB-3  (81.37 KB)