Welcome to our Metro-North Railroad Retirees website.

Our goal is to make the site more interactive and help our fellow Metro-North retirees or those about to retire, enjoy their retirement. If there are any suggestions, please let us know at retirees@mnrr.org or use our contact page.

We presently link to a group of Metro-North Harmon Mechanical Department retirees, so if you retired from the mechanical department and worked at Harmon and would like to be notified of our luncheons and clambake – please let us know and we will add you to the call list – presently we have over 200 retired Harmon MofE employees on the list and normally have about 60 to 80 attending each event – usually 3 luncheons and one clambake a year – see the calendar of events or the Harmon Groups Page.

We are affiliated with the Metro-North Railroad Retirees Facebook page at – https://www.facebook.com/groups/MNRRretirees/

We also like:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/334861690304413 – Facebook group Metro-North Rail Retirees, administered by Paul Holland with over 900 members.

The Unofficial Metro-North Railroad Facebook group – for real rail fans – with about 4,000 members

Many retirees look for forms – I must say that ACRE2000.com has the most complete up to date forms at https://acre2000.com/misc-forms/

If you would like to have your MNRR retirees group advertised here or add to the Calendar – contact us.

We would also like to remember our deceased coworkers – If you Know of a deceased Metro-North railroader and would like to have their information displayed on our site, Please let us know.

Safety is always on our minds – view our interactive safety page

As a service to our retirees, we have set up a multi-vendor store to sell your unique items – go to the store.

2/27/19 – we just opened our new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Section and would like to hear from you if you have previously had any questions and had them answered. This will be your section to answer the questions we all have and will continue to have as we gain new retirees.