About us

This domain MNRR.ORG was purchased on 1/8/2005 in response to a Sticker we received to put on the back of our passes that showed a website – http://www.nee1983.net – to go to in case an emergency occurred and to get updated information. unfortunately the website did not exist at the time. the actual website was http://www.nee1983.ORG – Metro-North has since purchased the domain nee1983.net – but at that time I saw the domain MNRR.org was not used – Metro-North is mnr.org, which is not accessible to the public – so I purchased mnrr.org and redirected it back to the Metro-North website. At that time MNRR.COM was also for sale, but I did not purchase the domain – MNRR.COM was purchased in April 2005 by a Lithuanian group and posted as a scam site, which has changed hands 6 times and is presently owned by a group from Shenzen China.
When purchased in 2005, MNRR.ORG was redirected to the Metro-North website at http://www.mta.info/mnr – until 2012. In 2012 when I retired, I consolidated several sites associated with the railroad to the main page on mnrr.org (this domain)